Friday, January 16, 2009

now its a packet and other horror stories of the paper industry

o Remember the good old days when the United States Post Office provided change-of-address cards neatly piled or stood on edge for customers, or available as a hand-out from postal clerks? No more, a packet of tree-wasting 'moving' materials is now the norm that contains coupons describing service and product discounts with a six-inch list of address-change instructions (including e-mail referral that will cost at least $1.00 chargeable only to a credit card). Presumably, this kind of offering reflects male anxiety about the possibility that the gender will be phased out of the species after construction-instructions to maintain a comfortable human life have been completed and protected in libraries. Are trees phallic symbols and cut-downs demonstration of the thanatos death-wish described within the works of Sigmund Freud?

o Philadelphia, PA, entries include 'Obituaries for January 11...' from the Delaware County Times in Pennsylvania, at Within that obituary listing is given the brief account of the life of one of the female wartime metal-riveters residing in that region, who subesequently joined the social work profession; within the same listing is the obituary of a man nearly the same age having a complementary personal history such that the document has the air of an Indian 'suttee' work.

Whereas set-up of some kind of historical museum or other historical 'visitor' site could have been petitioned during her lifetime, instead the historical work-role account has been used in a variety of ways to harry women into nontraditional roles or haze them (and their children) until dead. The so-called 'social work' profession and its 'Schools of Social Work' have simply described the role of schools in general as "social work" until some academic populations were pressed to enumerate specific mentoring or paperwork employment opportunities and provide training to direct others.

The term "social work" also implies specific interactional relationships which can be labeled 'optimum' or 'dysfunctional' including opposite-sex dating patterns -- patterns which do not exist if a couple 'mates' at an early age. If the patterns do not exist for a specific couple, then are/is the pair anti-social? -- the profession as set up can now argue endlessly that such people might be anti-social, with the special circumstance that their own relatives cannot date the person of their choice.

Hence such ads/notices publically posted advertising such activities as 'Get any girl that you want' with company address/telephone number from time to time appear within publication domains. "Date the man of your dreams' is another category that falls within the range of activities promulgated by such businesses, possibly with the hope that non-traditional role-models will give male-dominated professions a rest.

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