Friday, January 2, 2009

for me???

Another walk today to the USPO on Johnson Street was uneventful; workers are completing the renovation of a building at the southwest corner of 10th Street and Palm Beach Road nearby a city electrical/utility installation. Large pickup trucks were parked on the new asphalt in front of Taylor's Store (as listed in the telephone directory). A man was fishing in a slough/canal across the street from Riverside Bank's multi-lane drive-through banking installation (at least he seemed to be fishing, the water itself appeared to be shallow with the sinister possibility that more human remains might be found in the mud there after the recent discovery of a human skull in a canal elsewhere).

During the return walk, decision was made to move northward along Palm Beach Road to a grassy area with tree-lined pond known as 'Hospital Park' at the intersection with SE Ocean Boulevard. The park has a wooden dock and fountain-like spray of water sprinkling the air from the interior of the pond; a bench with wooden slats is situated at one edge of the park beside Coconut Avenue. The bench slats are weakened from use and water soakage most probably intense during the hurricanes of 2004 and other rainstorms such as Tropical Storm Fay -- which of course increases the possibility that they might break while an individual or two is seated with accusations that the setting is a potential future injury waiting-to-happen and preventable trip to a hospital with invoice.

Another small grassy, tree-shaded resting place along SE Ocean Boulevard has a similar bench with metal slats.

As a surprise action, poles/posts near Hospital Park bear multiples of a new poster presenting an all-color headshot photo of a missing Springer Spaniel dog. The placements invite an evil comparison between those posters and the poster showing a red-haired missing female teen in Sewall's Point (a sort of pandering). [Remember the Smart girl found dead beside a western U. S. A. highway? Not long ago a dead dog was also made newsworthy -- shown during TV video broadcast -- beside a highway west of the Mississippi River.]

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