Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a pick-up game

Today decision was made to pick up cast-off litter within a limited area on the property located between Kingswood and Vista Pines condo complexes on SE Ocean Boulevard. Much of the litter tossed onto the property is intended to reflect light along the roadway curve and to dissuade other species.

The stench from the carcass of a dead armadillo was less than previous weeks, and a few small bones bleaching in the sun from a previous dead armadillo have surfaced at the edge of the sidewalk. The litter scattered in the grass and under the trees consisted mostly of aluminum cans, PET plastic drink bottles and cellophane, along with some paper, styrofoam, and cigarette-filter discards. Much of the litter is recyclable, and required sorting to place in recycling bin.

Different from the return walk from Hospital Park a few days ago, when a small bikini bottom was seen to be lying in the south-side bicycle lane a short distance from Krueger Creek, a special section of the property bounded with wooden posts embedded deeply in accumulated plant matter held a pair of black stretch-knit fly-front boy-leg pants that were transferred to the shelf in the laundry room.

Later while relaxing inside the condo within Kingswood complex, a large flock of crows passed overhead moving southward minute-by-minute about a hundred strong.

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