Wednesday, January 14, 2009

more cultness

o Again as if just for me to pad this blog, the website describes how 'Pittsburgh mayor changes name to Steelerstahl', "...Luke show his Steelers pride and dislike for upcoming play-off opponents the Baltimore least until the AFC Championship match-up. ..."...ceremonial..."..." (or perhaps to improve quoting skills).

o The website provides 'US sues five Manhattan hotels for violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act', "...of 1990...", following an article provided by the Modesto Bee, CA, journalism at that describes "Man wielding Samurai sward killed by police', "...outside a Doubletree Hotel..taken to a hospital and died about an hour later. ...". Was he trying "cut the atmosphere" to use a restroom? The latter article concerns me because I was once detained as an action of Park Police in Allegany State Park, NY, with a young man in a car that had a Samurai sword lying in the back seat -- we found a baggie filled with cannabis sativa in the forest which the officers took after a search of the vehicle (he, the driver, actually had to face courtroom charges).

The website, with its Manhattan, NY, entries also lists 'NYC Bathroom Remodeling Tips...' from

o Then there is the story of Nicole Viennau from, who "Vanished abroad...last seen in Syria March 31, 2007...was 32...the family located Nicole's gear at the Cairo Hotel, two hours north of Damascus in Hama. ...".

There are a number of possibilities made available through the Internet to explain this: that perhaps she replaced Michael Jackson in Bahrain or that perhaps she had become a suicide-bomber (comments section,; that perhaps she joined "...Elmira, Ontario [Canada] resident Rachael Yordy...working the past 15 months in Egypt... to improve child labour conditions in that country..." (from the Elmira Independent); and/or that perhaps she was sent to report about "...the bitterly contested dam Turkey's impoverished southeast...located by the banks of the Tigris near...borders with Iraq and Syria...mainly a Kurdish local population...project would flood ruins from ancient Mesopotamia in the town of Hasan Keyf and other sites... " (from

This also worries me since the Kinzua Dam was built in violation of an international tribal treaty at the northwestern PA/NY border, USA, and 'Keifer' is a surname found in that region.

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