Monday, January 12, 2009

Ignoble paradox -- you might puke but...<>, '09 Butter Sculpture Unveiled

o The 'Hometown News' distributed here in Martin County, Florida, from time to time in its issues includes a calendar item that describes a "Steak dinner fundraiser..scheduled...on the third Friday of each month, presented by the ladies of the U. S. Military Vets Motorcycle Club...served at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post...".

With the requirement to continually slaughter cattle to provide such dinners and also fare for the region's burgeoning Federal Highway restaurant area, it is ironic that the presence of the Visiting Nurse Association is so visible here in Stuart -- as if the U. S. Military and the VNA complement each other to continually keep cattle at the brink of species extinction as a use of the creatures fore and aft, alive or dead -- that plus the fact that the remaining creatures must react voluntarily or as a result from continuous disability and death, which contributes to an unwholesome scenario of species distress causing an overall malaise among other species also regarded as food even while yet alive that all adds up to a fairly predictable human death rate on or alongside roadways.

Within past months the Palm Beach television stations (and others) broadcast the video account of a woman in South Florida whose live cow was taken from her private property as the result of a telephone demand-call strategy and carried away. A fork-lift was used to move the yet-living cow; the video then showed fresh meat spurting from a large industrial-size mechanical grinder.
The message communicated therewith was that the living cow was not dead until fork-lifted.

o The 'TechWeb' website tells us 'Dell Launches Luxury Adamo Brand, $99 Mini-Laptop', "...with a two-year AT&T broadband service contract...announcements made during a news conference at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. ...few details revealed about Adamo...'.

o The '1490Newsblog' website gives us 'Clubs urged to participate in pheasant chick, egg program' to "...augment local ring-necked pheasant stocks...the Game provides, free of charge, day-old pheasant chicks to clubs entering into an agreement to raise birds and promote recreational hunting on lands open to public hunting. ...All pheasants must be released on lands open to public hunting. ..." (or they're not "free of charge"). What this means is that private lands might become havens for the birds although hunters might try potshots from roadways.

From time to time, local landowners in that northwestern PA region also informally accept intent and schedule groundhog/woodchuck hunts on private property when the creature burrows become a problem, as reported in regional journalism.

o I am reminded of a chilling scenario begun in San Francisco, CA, where a female police officer was positioned in a patrol car to monitor traffic flow on a one-way street leading to Golden Gate Park, while one of her relatives stood and chatted nearby with a Rottweiler on a leash. As I approached them using the Panhandle Park asphalt trail, carrying groceries in a backpack and in hand, the dog under pressure jumped up to prop front paws against the driver's side of the patrol car as if signaling the canine wish to join the SFPD. Some months later, the local northern California TV stations broadcast a video account of an encounter with an alligator in Florida, where a young woman at the edge of a water-hole 'lost' a Rottwieler when a large 'gator surfaced and pulled the dog underwater by grasping the dog's head in lengthy jaws.

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