Friday, January 9, 2009


Another walk to the new Post Office on Johnson Street was another surprise -- a bright yellow two-piece sign on a pole embedded in the sandy soil beside the +/-five-foot section of sidewalk that adjoins the PO southside asphalt driveway -- another potential face-slicer of the same ilk as the metal signs placed along the sidewalk beside Cedar Pointe Plaza. The Yellow Sign, furthermore, shows the image of a walking person (pedestrian) on its topmost part and an arrow pointing to the sidewalk as the bottom section; only one side of the sign shows directions while walking north to the PO. When leaving the PO to walk south toward Florida Street, the metallic-grey potential-slicing side is encountered.

Another Heineken bottle was found near Treasure Coast Plaza; two broken Heineken bottles were found along the west side of Palm Beach Road north from 10th Street. What a strange way to signal the advent of Wells Fargo Bank services in the region, as a partnership with Wachovia Bank! Pieces of brown bottle-glass were lying on the sidewalk along 10th Street past the Recreation Center. A clear glass bottle remained lying alongside a 'fitness' center parking lot addressed on SE Ocean Boulevard near Seacoast Bank. All bottles and glass pieces were gathered up and placed in a trash receptacle at Walgreen's beside SE Monterey Road.

A flock of crows circled over grounds near the retaining pond beside Kingswood Terrace Road; about a dozen raptors circled over yards along 10th Street.

Last but not least, both plazas located in the area of the USPO lack a notions shop.

***There is no place for 'catch a nigger by the toe" in organized sports, but some live-action cameras appear to show differently.

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