Monday, January 5, 2009


o It is entirely possible that toads are frogs transformed with symmetrical melonoma that results from folds of their skin rubbing against each other, originating in climates where populations come streaming in to escape the winter cold and snows.

o Palm Beach County (FL) television stations broadcast video showing fish kill in canal, that resembles yearly 'spring-cleaning' fish kills in Erie, PA.

o During bridge-walk last week, the broken pieces of a Budweiser bottle were found in the same place they were seen before -- the lesson here appears to be the fact that the bridge's vibration tumbles and 'rounds-off'' the jagged edges of the broken glass as traffic moves over the St. Lucie River, making potential mosaic material. This time, some pieces were pocketed and carried away to Kingswood condo complex recycling container.

Sitting on a bench on the bridge wondering about the whereabouts of a young California-born entertainer who fell overboard from a cruise ship at Vero Beach (asked to "take a picture"?), speculation was inevitable about a possible revenge motive following the loss of a man from a Halloween 'party-boat' in the San Francisco Bay (CA) years ago. Some berries and small fruit were tossed into the river with the off-chance that a massive fish rush might allow the young man to surface.

o Channel Nine West Palm Beach TV newscast described and broadcast video of CA fire blazing at a recycling facility for PVC irrigation pipes.

o The weekend half-moon appeared as if it was a white bowl hovering in the sky, with visually-perfect balance in the darkness of the night.

o 'Surf Shop' once housed in the Stracuzzi Plaza across from Vista Pines condo complex on SE Ocean Boulevard has been suddenly removed with sign directing customers to a new location near the newly-built Marriott Hotel on the Federal Highway -- missed the t-shirt sale last week and may now never enter the store.

o After a recent professional removal of a honeybee hive from a woman's property after they stung her more than 100 times (perhaps with intent to dissaude her) from her own house, one honeybee casting was found on the bridge over the Okeechobee Waterway (St. Lucie River). Today, after another such hive was found and destroyed beneath a different home's exterior siding, several casting/carcasses of honeybees were found on the bridge's walkway, together with a slightly-alive ichneumon and a beetle casting. Weeks ago, a remarkable nearly three-inch long housefly casting was found within the Kingswood condo complex grounds; months ago the casting of a rhnocerous beetle was found on the asphalt roadway. Both hives were televised during Palm Beach County nightly broadcasts.

o The Stuart News has this week itemized burrowing creatures that are considered to be lawn pests in the region, advising a no-feed policy if they are not wanted on private property. Distributing berries from the front sidewalk (they have no flavor) to the 'critter zone' is technically not feeding them, as most people hope that more trees will grow from the seeds within the small fruits.

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