Saturday, January 17, 2009

any port in a storm

More collapsed red berries on the sidewalk, more sweeping -- more fruit released into the slough. More withered tiny apricots (with seeds) offered to the lap-tides.

More glass removed from the bridge walkway. More raptors; more seabirds, one balancing precariously upon the moving waters of the St. Lucie River, viewed from the bridge while biomagnetic bonds were exerted among fellow avians.

The sidewalk beside St. Lucie Boulevard is more broken, more slumped as walkers and bicyclers hug yard-side curves beside the notorious street that features three large ever-present crosses in one property-front berm. The street has a white-painted demarcation line painted directly beside the berm (no leeway); only one sidewalk. However, it is also more clean as some obvious sweeping has been done. Posts have been removed at the entryway to Steele Point beneath the northeast Stuart bridge, leaving only two with a chain drooping -- one end each attached to the remaining posts. More empty cigarette packs lying around.

More 'White Rain' shampoo in Walgreen's; different style bottles yet still bearing the #1 recycling number on the bottom although less rigid than the previous cylinder-containers.

More brown beer bottles lying on the berm. Plus, a piece of broken cactus-top about a foot long and four-inch radius (with needles) lying on the berm, causing mental flashback to tenancy on Ashbury Street in San Francisco, CA, when a smaller piece of cactus (no needles) was abandoned on the sidewalk in front of the apartment house (growing/flowering easily when potted and placed on the fire-escape, until a 'new law' barred all oxygen-bearing plants from the balcony-like fire-escapes).

Made photos of armadillo bones lying near sidewalk beneath metal railing on SE Ocean Boulevard. Mental-flashback to unusual scenario when perusing items in an antique-shop going-out-of-business sale in San Francisco, CA, when a spinal-column purchase was witnessed, then one vertebrate seen lying on sidewalk a few blocks from Popeye's restaurant and the Western Addition district.

A bizarre interface between California and Florida continues. The Japanese restaurant across the street from the Vista Pines condo complex has been changed to a 'Siam' titled Japanese-Thai restaurant (with customers gazing out at the armadillo bones?). A couple wearing Dickies work-pants were reported in local Internet journalism as having robbed a gas station in the locale.

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