Monday, May 23, 2011

Warm and comfortable!

o  Walked through Callahan Park to leave green maple seeds alongside Bennett Brook, gathered from Abbott Lane roadway, plus tiny green blossoms from maple trees near Pleasant Street home, swept from the driveway and left near park bridges.  One of the two carpet remnants is currently on its way downslope toward brook and may yet again enter waterstream from position beside asphalt walkway.

o  Poplin Avenue roadwork continues.  Weathered 'The Marsh' tavern renovations and repair in progress, at corner Interstate Parkway and W Washington Street.  Tun'a Creek muddy, rushing through city after yesterday's thunderstorm.  Work-in-progress to renovate Kennedy Street bridge underway.

o  Pleasant Street address across from School Street Elementary School now sports piles of new regular-size concrete blocks and regular-size red bricks ready to be assembled where uber-large concrete-blocks are now stacked in front of house.  Various pens and pencils seen lying around the city environs.

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