Monday, May 2, 2011

damp cool and rainy

Unloaded aged Producers Bank canvas bag at bank premises addressed E Main Street, where a clearly-lettered 'Constable' car was parked in that driveway, said car driver witnessing to some small extent the transfer from backpack.  Rained continuously all day during walk from Pleasant Street to U. S. Post Office addressed Boylston Street here in Bradford PA; backtracked to Forman Street and pulled TOPS shopping cart from a front-yard to the market, together with two bags of trash that were transferred to the market's trash can.  Continued to E Main at Main Streets intersection, where workers are remodeling the former Bradford Hotel to become a sports bar.  Walked to the bank near Foster Brook area via E Main Street to Mill Street to Homestead Avenue (where no street-sign is lying on the ground near its pole, but rather litter, and a close look shows that the sign may have been ripped off) to Euclid Avenue (that has no sidewalks between Kendall Avenue and E Main Street), then again to E Main near Melvin Avenue.

Reversed route to return to Main Street area; saw half small blue bird's egg lying at corner Miller and Davis Streets beside Tun'a Creek.  Earthworms are now quite active in the locale since the topsoil is no longer frozen, emerging to slide themselves onto sidewalks especially during the rain.

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