Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a history of suspicions confirmed

The deaths of 'King' family members during recent decades might also be traced to contacts who stoke poliomyelitis fears; here in Bradford PA a cluster of poliomyelitis infections in the 1960s occurred near 'George' surname home addressed School Street.  UPB campus installation and initiation has been coincidental with housing fires in the same area west from Mechanic Street  --  an entire block of housing was consumed behind UPB Hamsher House premises, including George family home, now converted to asphalt hospital (BRMC) parking lot, local news sources have reported.   The use of the Italian-attributed term 'paparazzi' is also traceable to poliomyelitis fears stoked as the activity of a telephone call-demand influence-network.

Also, sympathy for my lone weblog 'Follower', one of whose relative surnames was found dead "down by the riverside" in CA.

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