Monday, May 23, 2011

DDT - BAHS Class of 1971 reunion plans

Department of Dirty Tricks:  Recent Bradford Era local newspaper articles described meeting plans of the BAHS Class of 1971 scheduled within local restaurant facilities, to put together an agenda for the 40th Class Reunion.

As a tenant in San Francisco, CA, during past decades, two past-reunion invitations to two past-reunion events were both received from the same Bradford PA city couple, whereas each previous BAHS Class Reunion was the given assignment for a different couple each different scheduled reunion (usually every ten years).  Should I have given reason to enter past  Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes series as possible winnings use to schedule one of the BAHS Class Reunions in historic San Francisco CA (where a Bradford Street is mapped)?  --  maybe not.

The website gives more information about the City of Bradford PA, but don't be fooled  --  the idyllic setting description omits the fact that valley floor Tun'a Creek's unusual northward waterflow is anything but the usual hometown circumstance.

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