Thursday, May 26, 2011

by their no-front-license-plate vehicles ye shall know them...

Gas-line digs are infrequent necessities within any locale, but here in Bradford PA an operational influence-network cult has been/is operational such that vehicles with no-front-license-plates attract unusual attention amongst all others, stressing streets and garage-areas that such drivers/owners frequent.  Past weblog post shows now-bendable large-size metal-conduit unearthed from Poplin Avenue environs near Callahan Park/BAHS parking lot entry/exitways, renovation work being done by workers whose trucks lack front license-plates.

Those cult populations also own PC terminal equipment such as scanners that can copy their one license-plate purchases each family does own, to make laminates applicable to vehicle front-bumpers, but nothing like that has been seen yet from them.

The Bradford PA area is also said to have a 'Senior Corps' membership, but such a membership without front-license-plates on their vehicles lacks credibility in terms of safety and overall spirit of the law (simple license-plate paperwork-wording form-change would/should have more clearly defined single-plate purchases).

o  Yesterday 5/25/2011:  Lengthy cigarette drop, roadside Lang Maid Lane near W Washington Street residences.  Post-winter seed-drop at vernal warm-waterpool (direct sunlight) area Crooker House Lane, where discarded clam shells were already visible below small bridge area near W Corydon St intersection.  Lost tooth somewhere in Langmaid Lane/Crooker House area, where tractor lawn-mowers were busily deployed.  Short spattering of icy hailstones (about the size of candy gumballs) around 11:00 p.m. during sudden thunderstorm rainfall signaled with thunder and lightning that approached from afar.

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