Thursday, May 19, 2011

cloudy then intermittant sunshine

Walked directly to BAPL today to read today's newspaper.  Hiked up Interstate Parkway, where Habitat for Humanity sign is again down near house-foundation yet containing some puddled water, corner Willard Avenue and ISP.  Walked through Callahan Park to Boss Avenue, then alongside Sullivan Road; picked up small stones for plant-pots beside Bennett Brook across from church, where blue tarp and black PVC sheet were tangled in waterstream sticks/wood, and black-and-tan cloth-rag overhangs water from streamside branch.

Returned to Bradford city alongside ISP from Sullivan Road (north end); gray underwear in roadside berm near 348 ISP, found muddy black wallet on drainage pipe at 334 Interstate Parkway address (see above) east side.  Crows were sounding continuously above 'Blooming Acres' horse stables.

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