Monday, May 16, 2011

droplets, cool early afternoon

o  Walked to BAPL today, with brief pass through Callahan Park, where workers could be seen in the rain on Poplin Avenue; had to backtrack on W Washington Street to plaza mailbox (a composter ad-response -- should have one).

o  Half-round hairbrush on sidewalk middle alongside W Washington Street at BAPL.  Flashback to YWCA dance decades ago, where younger girl handed me her comb for no reason, on the gymnasium/dance-floor.

o  Back to La Musique et le Ballet, chapter titled 'Ballet et Musique Pure':  "...nous continuons nos genuflexions inutiles...nous faire souffrir au bon endroit et que la dalle soit froide ou poser nos genoux.  [P] La prosternation est venue du plus haut, de ceux-la meme qui s'etaient fait fonction de bruler les idoles...c'est la suject d'archeologie, ou presque... .  ..."Il faut sauver les corps", a-t-elle dit, deguisee dans la voix de la revolte.  ...".  The French and/or their students may not know it, but nos can be interpreted as 'nose' throughout with regard to mucousal-artifact oracle-bead.

That is useless to simply sight and look at the mucousal-artifct oracle-bead 'ball' from above and/or near it, as if it is an idol, is implied, although often cold from weather or safe-cover shadow; it is archaeological, where nearby, and contains memory-images of historical workers preserved within waxy/gel substance with overvoice  --  both accessed with indirect vibration of the rare and tiny oracle-bead chronicle, activity that nanoscience might emulate electrically in the future.  In the same chapter, use of the word balbutiante that means 'babble', as allusion to oracle-bead voice-strip that holds the voice of its maker (and also to some  extent refers to oracle-bead as a sort of thought-to-be bauble, seen and found on the ground beneath limestone 'safe cover' as if its value is little).

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