Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Decided to hike today in drizzling rain (neighbors removing their contingency carport)  --  W Washington Street to Lang Maid Lane to Crooker House Lane to W Corydon Street to Clark Lane to McDowell Tun'a Valley Trail to Onofrio Street, then homeward.

Skeletal bones/remains of skunk visible south side W Washington Street between Poplin and Wagner Avenues.  Blue undershorts remain where seen previously, as well as a sock and grey undershorts same side W Washington Street, moving toward UPB; grey glove on berm between Wagner and Nelson Avenues.  Hubcap same side roadway near Gates Hollow intersection; snuff can on asphalt roadway-side (white line) near waterstream between Gates Hollow road and Waldo Avenue.  Red disposable lighter-part and berm-embedded green lighter same side W Washington Street at cemetery roadway curve.

A nice walk/hike although wet, making photos of views toward Degolia PA from Langmaid and Crooker House Lanes; two ponds are full, one on each side Crooker House Lane.  A volunteer fireman stopped in his truck to inquire about my identity.  Many sizes of waterstreams pour northward from W Corydon Street hillside, flowing underneath the roadway to merge into larger West Branch of the Tun'a Creek that continues northward into New York State.

Tadpoles and frogs evident alongside McDowell TVT.  Dogs barked at me whereever I walked with my dreadmatted hair, some baying as if anticipating some gun-backed hunting-to-come.

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