Tuesday, May 31, 2011

time to soak in the 80-degree F range

Another welcome, sunny day; went to soak in Bennett Brook across from Foursquare Gospel Church (Rev. Watson), amid plots of tiny blue and yellow flowers presided over by groundhogs, squirrels and chipmunks and their CO2 as their living post-hibernation artwork.  Sun-dead worms and and caterpillars lay on the sidewalks, a few living ones saveable with quick toss to grass or tree roots.  Removed dark-green plastic trash bag from brook stickpile, empty and algae-covered; scum floating on stickpile dammed water (similar in appearance to scum that floats on boiling water that contains certain food substances).  Also removed brown-glass Straub's beer bottle from open space alongside Interstate Parkway above Sullivan Road.  Plate-sized fungi growing on log in foliage between Sullivan Road and ISP, near clearly-defined small-animal trails (and VFD).

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