Saturday, January 31, 2009

NOT the old mill stream

1/25/2009 -- Lottery slips, beer bottles, bagged beer cans, (roll of black electrical tape? or...) a part from a sprinkler head), small dead bluegill-type fish on wooden beam, black tank-top yet hanging in bushes at the Kingswood Terrace Road retention pond behind Kingswood condo complex. New tortoise hole at sandy trail leading from road. A large and barkless dead tree, bearing dead pine cones, is cracked near its base and eventually will fall over onto the sandy trail -- perhaps extending into the pond itself.

Broken Bud Light bottle within Kcc grounds, near lampposts holding small frogs during usual nighttime warmth.

1/28/2009 -- Crumpled metal license-plate and PVC plate-holder found near retention-pond dam. Sticks piled within a small turn-off from the trail could become firewood if carried away or possibly a signal fire as situated.

1/29/2009 -- The Stuart News printed a small article titled, 'Deputies find an assortment of drugs', "...Marshall was pulled over by deputies for having the wrong license plate on his vehicle...". [See also weblog entry describing vehicle with hand-printed sign attached where the license plate was missing.] License-plate/holder both removed from haylike grass and placed in a plastic Walgreen's bag (turned inside out) that was lettered 'To police' with black indelible ink marker; bag containing items was placed at base of non-lettered red stop-sign at end of Kingswood Terrace Road.

1/31/2009 -- Bag containing license-plate/holder gone; pile of sticks moved to anchor living plants growing from the sand. More sliced baguette-type white bread found poured near shoreline at dam.

Red plastic disposable lighter found beside sidewalk at SE Ocean Boulevard near Vista Pines condo complex. Swarms of small red ants on broken sidewalk at corner of KTR and SE Monterey Boulevard; other sections of the sidewalk are also broken and slump, but some sections of the concrete remain perfect. Heineken bottle yet remains beneath bushes. A broken Bud Light bottle is removed from Kingswood condo complex grounds.

o 'Must-have' thought: Has the alleged 'Killer Deputy from Tennessee' spawned others in south Florida, perhaps using 'body farm' scenarios as impetus?

o Thoughts about 'Eight Belles' black filly and broken ankles during racetime finish include the possible influence of a black sandstone/coral piece found on the beach at Blowing Rocks Preserve on Jupiter Island, that resembles a horsehead with shell-bit eyes and has small holes through it. Perhaps the filly was intentionally 'broken' or simply lost the will to continue.

o Does Wells Fargo Bank really belong in Florida? If "no", how can the membership be dissuaded from operations east of the Mississippi River? My only experience with Wachovia Bank has been one ATM in Lancaster, PA.

o Perusal of the local Yellow Pages telephone directory finds more than twenty specifically 'pizzeria' listings, plus other 'Italian Restaurant' listings that offer cheese-laden pizza pies. In the 1970s, the city of San Francisco, CA, had only one pizzeria as representative of its kind; during the next three decades dozens more were installed with a concomitant person-overboard rate in the region -- which leads to the speculation that the purpose of the pizzerias may be to cause such incidents.

o It's cold outside, and the Socrates spider has returned to the bathrooms here.

o In the 1960s a glass eye was found behind a neighbor's garage in the small city of Bradford, PA, addressed on Bennett Street. Recent journalism described a TX prison inmate who is said to have gouged out one of his one eyes and ate it, such that significant reaction to the 'news' has been inevitable.

o Finally, the renovations-material container which bears the line-drawing of a human figure bending over the liquid-filled bucket remains in use, from time to time set outside the former chapel-become-toolshed. One time toted away to a recycling bin, it has simply been replaced outside the door of the small structure (there it is again).

Friday, January 23, 2009

enrichment plus

Three $20 bills are lying on the sidewalk that passes by Ocean East Mall on SE Ocean Boulevard just a few blocks from the bridge over the St. Lucie River. The traffic flow (therefore) is erratic as reported to 'contact' screen.

The Blake library is engaged in a 'Bookmania' exhibit advertised many times within local media throughout past months.

Thursday, January 22, 2009, a slippery slope

o Banana peels have been appearing on northeast Stuart, FL, sidewalks in recent months. Anyone who has been a devotee of old TV cartoons or comic strips/books knows that the banana peel is a staple to show people in comical positions. The TV shows have used laugh tracks to accompany such content although slipping on banana peels can be detrimental to safety and injurious to health. Just kick 'em to the berm.

o The new restaurant installed across the roadway from Vista Pines condo complex is fully titled 'Siam Orchid' and is located just across the bridge over the St. Lucie River from 'Benihana' restaurant in Sewall's Point. A canned-vegetable-intensive 'bistro' has also been installed in Cedar Pointe Plaza during months past, located beside the Stracuzzi Plaza and new 'Thai-Japanese' installation (formerly known as 'KOI' Japanese restaurant).

The area's chiclids are very loud splashwise and have significant size.

o Whatever vehicle bumped noisily into the center median on SE Ocean Boulevard the other night, between Kingswood and Cedar Pointe condo complexes, left some kind of an automotive pipe behind at the front edge of the brick middle-ground.

o And, oh no, an elderly 'Viennau' was listed in regional obituaries only days ago.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama appointee

Will Hilda Solis act to reinstate two-plate front-and-back vehicular licensing? How many people with substantial savings-account content will just not purchase that potentially life-saving front license plate for even one personal vehicle?

the hilarity continues -- right or wrong

Today is the official Martin Luther King holiday, here in Martin County, FL, and scheduled elsewhere.

Years ago, what logically might have been a tribute scheduled to honor 'Rayetta the Riveter' instead became some kind of white-male civil-rights demonstration among those expecting James Earl Ray but welcoming Rayetta.

'Ray' has been the surname of a Brownie Scout leader in McKean County, PA, home of the world's first oil refinery.

Break out all available theses -- that should be real "freedom of the press". The shots continue.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

any port in a storm

More collapsed red berries on the sidewalk, more sweeping -- more fruit released into the slough. More withered tiny apricots (with seeds) offered to the lap-tides.

More glass removed from the bridge walkway. More raptors; more seabirds, one balancing precariously upon the moving waters of the St. Lucie River, viewed from the bridge while biomagnetic bonds were exerted among fellow avians.

The sidewalk beside St. Lucie Boulevard is more broken, more slumped as walkers and bicyclers hug yard-side curves beside the notorious street that features three large ever-present crosses in one property-front berm. The street has a white-painted demarcation line painted directly beside the berm (no leeway); only one sidewalk. However, it is also more clean as some obvious sweeping has been done. Posts have been removed at the entryway to Steele Point beneath the northeast Stuart bridge, leaving only two with a chain drooping -- one end each attached to the remaining posts. More empty cigarette packs lying around.

More 'White Rain' shampoo in Walgreen's; different style bottles yet still bearing the #1 recycling number on the bottom although less rigid than the previous cylinder-containers.

More brown beer bottles lying on the berm. Plus, a piece of broken cactus-top about a foot long and four-inch radius (with needles) lying on the berm, causing mental flashback to tenancy on Ashbury Street in San Francisco, CA, when a smaller piece of cactus (no needles) was abandoned on the sidewalk in front of the apartment house (growing/flowering easily when potted and placed on the fire-escape, until a 'new law' barred all oxygen-bearing plants from the balcony-like fire-escapes).

Made photos of armadillo bones lying near sidewalk beneath metal railing on SE Ocean Boulevard. Mental-flashback to unusual scenario when perusing items in an antique-shop going-out-of-business sale in San Francisco, CA, when a spinal-column purchase was witnessed, then one vertebrate seen lying on sidewalk a few blocks from Popeye's restaurant and the Western Addition district.

A bizarre interface between California and Florida continues. The Japanese restaurant across the street from the Vista Pines condo complex has been changed to a 'Siam' titled Japanese-Thai restaurant (with customers gazing out at the armadillo bones?). A couple wearing Dickies work-pants were reported in local Internet journalism as having robbed a gas station in the locale.

Friday, January 16, 2009

now its a packet and other horror stories of the paper industry

o Remember the good old days when the United States Post Office provided change-of-address cards neatly piled or stood on edge for customers, or available as a hand-out from postal clerks? No more, a packet of tree-wasting 'moving' materials is now the norm that contains coupons describing service and product discounts with a six-inch list of address-change instructions (including e-mail referral that will cost at least $1.00 chargeable only to a credit card). Presumably, this kind of offering reflects male anxiety about the possibility that the gender will be phased out of the species after construction-instructions to maintain a comfortable human life have been completed and protected in libraries. Are trees phallic symbols and cut-downs demonstration of the thanatos death-wish described within the works of Sigmund Freud?

o Philadelphia, PA, entries include 'Obituaries for January 11...' from the Delaware County Times in Pennsylvania, at Within that obituary listing is given the brief account of the life of one of the female wartime metal-riveters residing in that region, who subesequently joined the social work profession; within the same listing is the obituary of a man nearly the same age having a complementary personal history such that the document has the air of an Indian 'suttee' work.

Whereas set-up of some kind of historical museum or other historical 'visitor' site could have been petitioned during her lifetime, instead the historical work-role account has been used in a variety of ways to harry women into nontraditional roles or haze them (and their children) until dead. The so-called 'social work' profession and its 'Schools of Social Work' have simply described the role of schools in general as "social work" until some academic populations were pressed to enumerate specific mentoring or paperwork employment opportunities and provide training to direct others.

The term "social work" also implies specific interactional relationships which can be labeled 'optimum' or 'dysfunctional' including opposite-sex dating patterns -- patterns which do not exist if a couple 'mates' at an early age. If the patterns do not exist for a specific couple, then are/is the pair anti-social? -- the profession as set up can now argue endlessly that such people might be anti-social, with the special circumstance that their own relatives cannot date the person of their choice.

Hence such ads/notices publically posted advertising such activities as 'Get any girl that you want' with company address/telephone number from time to time appear within publication domains. "Date the man of your dreams' is another category that falls within the range of activities promulgated by such businesses, possibly with the hope that non-traditional role-models will give male-dominated professions a rest.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

cross-eyed logic

o Flashing back to the jewelry robbery reported in Paris, France, the website provides with its Pittsburgh, PA, entries 'Jewelry Store in Bethel Park Burglarized Three Times' from together with 'Cross-dressing Man Arrested for Posing as a Vet' also from which describes a man posing as a veterinarian in Atlantic City, NJ.

o And, oh no, describes the shooting death of a Vietnamese man in San Jose, CA, "...Van Hoang...Glen Amador Court..." after a poll entry was posted to 'Glen Campbell, PA' asking if the "Mm Good" jingle should be removed from Campbell soup ads televised. The shooting story includes comments, one featuring a cult influence-network staple script-term "love triangle".

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

more cultness

o Again as if just for me to pad this blog, the website describes how 'Pittsburgh mayor changes name to Steelerstahl', "...Luke show his Steelers pride and dislike for upcoming play-off opponents the Baltimore least until the AFC Championship match-up. ..."...ceremonial..."..." (or perhaps to improve quoting skills).

o The website provides 'US sues five Manhattan hotels for violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act', "...of 1990...", following an article provided by the Modesto Bee, CA, journalism at that describes "Man wielding Samurai sward killed by police', "...outside a Doubletree Hotel..taken to a hospital and died about an hour later. ...". Was he trying "cut the atmosphere" to use a restroom? The latter article concerns me because I was once detained as an action of Park Police in Allegany State Park, NY, with a young man in a car that had a Samurai sword lying in the back seat -- we found a baggie filled with cannabis sativa in the forest which the officers took after a search of the vehicle (he, the driver, actually had to face courtroom charges).

The website, with its Manhattan, NY, entries also lists 'NYC Bathroom Remodeling Tips...' from

o Then there is the story of Nicole Viennau from, who "Vanished abroad...last seen in Syria March 31, 2007...was 32...the family located Nicole's gear at the Cairo Hotel, two hours north of Damascus in Hama. ...".

There are a number of possibilities made available through the Internet to explain this: that perhaps she replaced Michael Jackson in Bahrain or that perhaps she had become a suicide-bomber (comments section,; that perhaps she joined "...Elmira, Ontario [Canada] resident Rachael Yordy...working the past 15 months in Egypt... to improve child labour conditions in that country..." (from the Elmira Independent); and/or that perhaps she was sent to report about "...the bitterly contested dam Turkey's impoverished southeast...located by the banks of the Tigris near...borders with Iraq and Syria...mainly a Kurdish local population...project would flood ruins from ancient Mesopotamia in the town of Hasan Keyf and other sites... " (from

This also worries me since the Kinzua Dam was built in violation of an international tribal treaty at the northwestern PA/NY border, USA, and 'Keifer' is a surname found in that region.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


o Check out the newspaper and Internet photo-journalism showing athlete Tim Tebow with cult undereye script.

o The palm-tree near the Treasure Coast Hospice Thrift Shop continues to grow with new landscaping. The broken concrete casing burst from the growing tree has been partially removed whereas new soil and turf has been applied as a result from construction of a new foot-care building (concrete block).

The tree continues to more-hugely sprout from the ground only inches away from one of a number of short identification-posts in the area set into the ground that are similar in appearance to yellow gas-line warning-posts, while hugging a squarish concrete electrical pole on SE Ocean Boulevard. No wait -- the warning post is painted sage-green and bears 'AT&T...underground cable' lettering.

The made-lance-like PVC pipe has been decisively bent away from the sidewalk with sharp point now facing the parking lot of the plaza nearby, rather than facing the sidewalk.

o As an opposite-type eyeful, a small 4"X4" square opening mid-roadway in the asphalt on Kingswood Terrace Road holds terrarium-size lush and leafy flora.

o As posted in the laundry room, Kingswood condo complex is planning a 'pool party' during Martin Luther King Day, a totally private affair no doubt, which explains the covered shuffleboard lane as an extension of the swimming-pool deck (and enabling an "innocent infringement" defense).

The former public-housing project has morphed "no pick-up games" into "No Pick-up Trucks, Motorcycles or RVs".

o The Stuart News dated 1/6/2009 gives us 'Legislators may boost traffic fines to patch leaky budget', whereas the vehicular two-license-place (sic) requirement should be reinstated.

o A lawsuit has been filed against Wells Fargo Bank with regard to a (meaning its computer system) fee-imposition method which assesses overdraft fees so as to rake in the maximum possible amount -- a sequencing method. This is the same WFB that raised its overdraft fee for basic checking accounts not from $3.00 to $3.50 but rather to $35.00. Whoopee, I am included in the class action.

The method follows from the also-contested 'success' of the credit-card industry that rakes in cumulative overdraft finance-charge fees even if a credit account is closed as an attempt to avoid those, and that will not generate any account-closure rules which will prevent massive ongoing finance charges applied to closed accounts.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ignoble paradox -- you might puke but...<>, '09 Butter Sculpture Unveiled

o The 'Hometown News' distributed here in Martin County, Florida, from time to time in its issues includes a calendar item that describes a "Steak dinner fundraiser..scheduled...on the third Friday of each month, presented by the ladies of the U. S. Military Vets Motorcycle Club...served at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post...".

With the requirement to continually slaughter cattle to provide such dinners and also fare for the region's burgeoning Federal Highway restaurant area, it is ironic that the presence of the Visiting Nurse Association is so visible here in Stuart -- as if the U. S. Military and the VNA complement each other to continually keep cattle at the brink of species extinction as a use of the creatures fore and aft, alive or dead -- that plus the fact that the remaining creatures must react voluntarily or as a result from continuous disability and death, which contributes to an unwholesome scenario of species distress causing an overall malaise among other species also regarded as food even while yet alive that all adds up to a fairly predictable human death rate on or alongside roadways.

Within past months the Palm Beach television stations (and others) broadcast the video account of a woman in South Florida whose live cow was taken from her private property as the result of a telephone demand-call strategy and carried away. A fork-lift was used to move the yet-living cow; the video then showed fresh meat spurting from a large industrial-size mechanical grinder.
The message communicated therewith was that the living cow was not dead until fork-lifted.

o The 'TechWeb' website tells us 'Dell Launches Luxury Adamo Brand, $99 Mini-Laptop', "...with a two-year AT&T broadband service contract...announcements made during a news conference at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. ...few details revealed about Adamo...'.

o The '1490Newsblog' website gives us 'Clubs urged to participate in pheasant chick, egg program' to "...augment local ring-necked pheasant stocks...the Game provides, free of charge, day-old pheasant chicks to clubs entering into an agreement to raise birds and promote recreational hunting on lands open to public hunting. ...All pheasants must be released on lands open to public hunting. ..." (or they're not "free of charge"). What this means is that private lands might become havens for the birds although hunters might try potshots from roadways.

From time to time, local landowners in that northwestern PA region also informally accept intent and schedule groundhog/woodchuck hunts on private property when the creature burrows become a problem, as reported in regional journalism.

o I am reminded of a chilling scenario begun in San Francisco, CA, where a female police officer was positioned in a patrol car to monitor traffic flow on a one-way street leading to Golden Gate Park, while one of her relatives stood and chatted nearby with a Rottweiler on a leash. As I approached them using the Panhandle Park asphalt trail, carrying groceries in a backpack and in hand, the dog under pressure jumped up to prop front paws against the driver's side of the patrol car as if signaling the canine wish to join the SFPD. Some months later, the local northern California TV stations broadcast a video account of an encounter with an alligator in Florida, where a young woman at the edge of a water-hole 'lost' a Rottwieler when a large 'gator surfaced and pulled the dog underwater by grasping the dog's head in lengthy jaws.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

an angel among devils

At least one older-model Killer Truck has continued the effort to improve the reliable machines' reputation, regaining an appropriate roadway status with front-and-back license plates while costcutters swarm the roadways.

Loud Harley-Davidson motorcycles roaring within and past the age-55+ condo complexes appear to be mesmerized by the possibilities of the Steele Point entryway off St. Lucie Boulevard at the intersection with SE Ocean Boulevard -- one such possibility being that a tightly-controlled atmosphere will route them directly through the entryway, past the villa and into the river to chug nowhere fast.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Another walk to the new Post Office on Johnson Street was another surprise -- a bright yellow two-piece sign on a pole embedded in the sandy soil beside the +/-five-foot section of sidewalk that adjoins the PO southside asphalt driveway -- another potential face-slicer of the same ilk as the metal signs placed along the sidewalk beside Cedar Pointe Plaza. The Yellow Sign, furthermore, shows the image of a walking person (pedestrian) on its topmost part and an arrow pointing to the sidewalk as the bottom section; only one side of the sign shows directions while walking north to the PO. When leaving the PO to walk south toward Florida Street, the metallic-grey potential-slicing side is encountered.

Another Heineken bottle was found near Treasure Coast Plaza; two broken Heineken bottles were found along the west side of Palm Beach Road north from 10th Street. What a strange way to signal the advent of Wells Fargo Bank services in the region, as a partnership with Wachovia Bank! Pieces of brown bottle-glass were lying on the sidewalk along 10th Street past the Recreation Center. A clear glass bottle remained lying alongside a 'fitness' center parking lot addressed on SE Ocean Boulevard near Seacoast Bank. All bottles and glass pieces were gathered up and placed in a trash receptacle at Walgreen's beside SE Monterey Road.

A flock of crows circled over grounds near the retaining pond beside Kingswood Terrace Road; about a dozen raptors circled over yards along 10th Street.

Last but not least, both plazas located in the area of the USPO lack a notions shop.

***There is no place for 'catch a nigger by the toe" in organized sports, but some live-action cameras appear to show differently.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And more about the first man...

See, listed under 'Crime News' and 'National News' -- 'Hunt Begins for Boy Missing 10 Years'. See also, 'Offbeat News' forum 'What song are you listening to now?' and its thousands of comments.

Hear also recorded-album theme 'Kansas'.

a pick-up game

Today decision was made to pick up cast-off litter within a limited area on the property located between Kingswood and Vista Pines condo complexes on SE Ocean Boulevard. Much of the litter tossed onto the property is intended to reflect light along the roadway curve and to dissuade other species.

The stench from the carcass of a dead armadillo was less than previous weeks, and a few small bones bleaching in the sun from a previous dead armadillo have surfaced at the edge of the sidewalk. The litter scattered in the grass and under the trees consisted mostly of aluminum cans, PET plastic drink bottles and cellophane, along with some paper, styrofoam, and cigarette-filter discards. Much of the litter is recyclable, and required sorting to place in recycling bin.

Different from the return walk from Hospital Park a few days ago, when a small bikini bottom was seen to be lying in the south-side bicycle lane a short distance from Krueger Creek, a special section of the property bounded with wooden posts embedded deeply in accumulated plant matter held a pair of black stretch-knit fly-front boy-leg pants that were transferred to the shelf in the laundry room.

Later while relaxing inside the condo within Kingswood complex, a large flock of crows passed overhead moving southward minute-by-minute about a hundred strong.

Monday, January 5, 2009


o It is entirely possible that toads are frogs transformed with symmetrical melonoma that results from folds of their skin rubbing against each other, originating in climates where populations come streaming in to escape the winter cold and snows.

o Palm Beach County (FL) television stations broadcast video showing fish kill in canal, that resembles yearly 'spring-cleaning' fish kills in Erie, PA.

o During bridge-walk last week, the broken pieces of a Budweiser bottle were found in the same place they were seen before -- the lesson here appears to be the fact that the bridge's vibration tumbles and 'rounds-off'' the jagged edges of the broken glass as traffic moves over the St. Lucie River, making potential mosaic material. This time, some pieces were pocketed and carried away to Kingswood condo complex recycling container.

Sitting on a bench on the bridge wondering about the whereabouts of a young California-born entertainer who fell overboard from a cruise ship at Vero Beach (asked to "take a picture"?), speculation was inevitable about a possible revenge motive following the loss of a man from a Halloween 'party-boat' in the San Francisco Bay (CA) years ago. Some berries and small fruit were tossed into the river with the off-chance that a massive fish rush might allow the young man to surface.

o Channel Nine West Palm Beach TV newscast described and broadcast video of CA fire blazing at a recycling facility for PVC irrigation pipes.

o The weekend half-moon appeared as if it was a white bowl hovering in the sky, with visually-perfect balance in the darkness of the night.

o 'Surf Shop' once housed in the Stracuzzi Plaza across from Vista Pines condo complex on SE Ocean Boulevard has been suddenly removed with sign directing customers to a new location near the newly-built Marriott Hotel on the Federal Highway -- missed the t-shirt sale last week and may now never enter the store.

o After a recent professional removal of a honeybee hive from a woman's property after they stung her more than 100 times (perhaps with intent to dissaude her) from her own house, one honeybee casting was found on the bridge over the Okeechobee Waterway (St. Lucie River). Today, after another such hive was found and destroyed beneath a different home's exterior siding, several casting/carcasses of honeybees were found on the bridge's walkway, together with a slightly-alive ichneumon and a beetle casting. Weeks ago, a remarkable nearly three-inch long housefly casting was found within the Kingswood condo complex grounds; months ago the casting of a rhnocerous beetle was found on the asphalt roadway. Both hives were televised during Palm Beach County nightly broadcasts.

o The Stuart News has this week itemized burrowing creatures that are considered to be lawn pests in the region, advising a no-feed policy if they are not wanted on private property. Distributing berries from the front sidewalk (they have no flavor) to the 'critter zone' is technically not feeding them, as most people hope that more trees will grow from the seeds within the small fruits.

Friday, January 2, 2009

for me???

Another walk today to the USPO on Johnson Street was uneventful; workers are completing the renovation of a building at the southwest corner of 10th Street and Palm Beach Road nearby a city electrical/utility installation. Large pickup trucks were parked on the new asphalt in front of Taylor's Store (as listed in the telephone directory). A man was fishing in a slough/canal across the street from Riverside Bank's multi-lane drive-through banking installation (at least he seemed to be fishing, the water itself appeared to be shallow with the sinister possibility that more human remains might be found in the mud there after the recent discovery of a human skull in a canal elsewhere).

During the return walk, decision was made to move northward along Palm Beach Road to a grassy area with tree-lined pond known as 'Hospital Park' at the intersection with SE Ocean Boulevard. The park has a wooden dock and fountain-like spray of water sprinkling the air from the interior of the pond; a bench with wooden slats is situated at one edge of the park beside Coconut Avenue. The bench slats are weakened from use and water soakage most probably intense during the hurricanes of 2004 and other rainstorms such as Tropical Storm Fay -- which of course increases the possibility that they might break while an individual or two is seated with accusations that the setting is a potential future injury waiting-to-happen and preventable trip to a hospital with invoice.

Another small grassy, tree-shaded resting place along SE Ocean Boulevard has a similar bench with metal slats.

As a surprise action, poles/posts near Hospital Park bear multiples of a new poster presenting an all-color headshot photo of a missing Springer Spaniel dog. The placements invite an evil comparison between those posters and the poster showing a red-haired missing female teen in Sewall's Point (a sort of pandering). [Remember the Smart girl found dead beside a western U. S. A. highway? Not long ago a dead dog was also made newsworthy -- shown during TV video broadcast -- beside a highway west of the Mississippi River.]