Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where's Daddy? (continued)

Years ago, blessed with my first facsimile machine as a tenant in San Francisco, CA, I was able to 'send out' observations about any unusual attention directed my way -- one such perception being that a 'Golden Medical Services' van was cruising to 'check [my] condition' as an SSI recipient and subject of a telephone call-demand influence-network. My reaction was simple -- to fax a local publication and ask if 'Golden Medical Services' could change its name.

Subsequently local San Francisco Giants home-run hero Barry Bonds (whose 'first' name matches the name of a street located in my birthplace, Bradford, PA) and others were lured into an influence-network business-development scheme known throughout mass media as "the Balco scandal", whereas 'Balco' was originally intended to refer to the necessity to formally investigate an archaeological site in Degolia, PA, nearby south Bradford in McKean County, PA. As example, "the clear" and "the cream" were intended to describe the physical properties of the mucousal oracle-bead artifact not yet contained in some kind of special jar even after decades of explanations.

The Palm Beach Post dated 2/4/2009 gave us 'Bank signs enforcement agreement' from Boca Raton, FL, "...the agreement ...signed by Sun American...Bank President Michael Golden and others...ordered the bank to "eliminate or correct the violations of law and regulation" discovered by regulators, although those violations weren't specified".

Dear Daddy, who slightly sped while driving on A1A among others while negotiating new roadway asphalt here in Stuart, FL, post-hurricanes of 2004, where are you now?

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