Saturday, October 3, 2009

One evening this past week a Palm Beach television station broadcast a video that showed a group of fire-fighters standing outside a small wooden house with equipment in hand; one of them inexplicably tossed a lit match at the painted structure which immediately began to blaze, while those shown standing in the front yard then struggled to extinguish the flames that one of them had started. The narration overvoice stated that the building had been donated to the fire-rescue group, and that those (while before the camera) had decided to use it to demonstrate fire-fighter actions in a training videotape (we are to believe).

However, one local Stuart, FL, Subway sandwich franchise always gives out 'hot' jalapeno and banana peppers with each order although an option described as 'The Works' specifically excludes those tongue-and-throat-searing veggies, such that hungry sandwich buyers invariably encounter the hot peppers anyway and must remove them, yet still encounter hot-pepper juice within and on palate.

What do these two cultural demonstrations have in common? --that destructive 'heat' is used to alert a population that their saviors will also knowingly and willfully cause damage-conditions as a public culture-clash action also claimed to be instructive.

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