Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a sense of dread verified

o As the first month beginning 2009 commenced, a trend of humans deceased continued -- a 'Johnny' died (hear tune titled, 'Johnny Get Angry (Johnny Get Mad)'). What has also happened is that the title 'Indian River Community College' here within this south Florida region was changed to 'Indian River State College' quite suddenly post-hurricanes -- another political action from the same folks who suddenly changed the 'National Organization of Women' to the 'National Organization for Women' in the 1970s.

o The 1/31/2009 issue of the Palm Beach Post newspaper presents a notice describing a "REWARD offered by the insurers of up to $5000,000.00 for information or assistance leading to the Recovery of Jewelry and Precious Stones stolen during an Armed Robbery at Lee Havens Jewelry...Palm Beach..." earlier in January 2009.

Will your family be yet another dupe of that same influence-network operation?

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