Thursday, October 22, 2009

invasive surgery

A Palm Beach, FL, TV station regularly broadcasts an ad/announcement that describes 'bariatric surgery' in the context of casual-choice prime-time television-viewing hours.

In the past, testimonies and photographic displays have also been presented during a 'Talk show' live-broadcast format where individuals who had been made subjects of the surgery showed and gave very-frightened verbal descriptions of the procedure. Apparently, those who were completely helpless and could not control the impetus to route them into surgery have the highest death rate, while others are lured 'under the knife' with offers of 'study money' and various publication/media renumeration settings.

However, the same call-demand influence-networking (akin to 'hazing') which affects bodily functioning in ways that cause obesity also demands shape-up activities, a physiological paradox that might put such networkers in the stockade or federal prison as the result from a legal due process -- hence the contemporary seizure and paperwork write-up of a surgical solution to quickly reshape their victims, during which operations the victims might also die without providing any statements or testimonies to law enforcement agencies.

The 'bariatric surgery' solutions should not be not casual or commonplace decisions, yet children watching television during the prime-time viewing hours can easily conclude that the surgical procedure is something similar to chosing a topical ointment or nasal-decongestant formula.

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