Friday, October 2, 2009

believe it or not

o Among the 'free' publications offered from newsracks here in Martin County, FL, is a photo-intensive Car & Truck buyers guide that can number as much as 88 pages per edition. The monthly guide presents different automotive-dealers located within the West Palm Beach/Treasure Coast (Florida) locales with photos of each available vehicle.

The 'AUTOADVICE' listing on the front page of the September 24, 2009, edition shows a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with so-called "suicide doors" that paradoxically enough triggered memories of a young female amputee sent into a local public swimming pool within the McKean County (PA) city of Bradford, who then was observed to repeatedly plunge off a 'low-board' diving-board into the pool while all watched nearby a life-guard who daily emerged from family property only a block away from the public parklands. That the Honda Odyssey has a similar suicide-door design is also relative to the condition of the girl, who had lost a hand during some kind of incident and who thereafter resided at the Bradford Children's Home.

o Subsequent to the croc-in-pain cloud formation previously described, a similar such formation viewable from the same Kcc perspective (looking westward from northeast Stuart, FL) was seen to be a shark-shape with young-one (or remora) that had remarkably detailed and symmetrical atmospheric 'scaling' behind the head-shaped area of that cloud-formation.

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