Friday, October 30, 2009

qui se passe

The weekly edition of the Stuart News usually includes several newsprint sheets of ad/coupon offers, and few concern themselves about whether the print-ups are voluntary or not from companies -- except those who in some fashion feel free to affect our consciousness with demands to include then to retract such paperwork offers published in magazines and newspapers.

One such ad/coupon-offer issued in past months features 'Neosporin', an ointment once available only through a doctor or nurse and found in factories where physical injury was a daily workplace possibility. The ad reads as follows: "Today's Assignment: CHECK THE DATE! [photo of Neosporin tube] Use as directed. Get Ready for Back to School and Replace Your Expired NEOSPORIN tube. EVERY CUT, EVERY TIME, EVERYWHERE." The coupon is a 'Save 50 cents' type [but the 'cents' symbol is no longer available on many keyboards].

The ad sends a clear message that in today's school systems, students and possibly parents are going to be hurt -- especially where the number of desks relative to classroom size is not regulated with rule or law to prevent such overcrowding injuries.

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