Friday, October 9, 2009

another wad, with accessory

Some FL parklands now feature special receptacles to hold and recycle abandoned fishing line.
This wad was found on the entry/exit walkway leading to the west island below the Lyons Bridge. A box lettered 'squid' from CA was also found alongside the shoreline nearby a mangrove cluster, together with two glass beer bottles (one quart-sized and the other small) and a Marlboro cigarette box.
Small (less than one foot long) fish were numerous schooling around the island's shoreline rocks; they jumped and skipped along the surface of the water while a flock of pelicans kept watch to claim spent ones.
Apparently the island can be used for wading/swimming as a use of heavily-weighted sinkers and lines tossed out into the lagoon to claim a demarcation zone. A popular oceanside beach is now closed as a result from erosion.

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