Tuesday, October 20, 2009

temperature changes

The temperature has been in the 90-degree Fahrenheit range throughout the past month here in Martin County, FL, both day and night. It is a sudden change to a 6o-degree F atmosphere that has caused the comforter to be shaken/dusted off and brought forth during the nighttime as a significant change from no sheets or blankets whatsoever used during the tropical heat wave.

A stiff breeze has loosened a layer of dust and whatnot within premises that had become too hot to comfortably wield a vacuum cleaner, and a slight cough with oozy eyes and nose just happens as change from the constant sweat that literally drips from skin everywhere. With an array of lizards, snakes, long-beaked shorebirds and various paw-footed mammals ranging throughout Stuart, beliefs that swine flu is amongst us ('H1N1' being to some a sort of shorthand abbreviation of one aunt's married name) seems to be a serious mistake.

A theatre known as 'The Barn' is located nearby the intersection with one mall on SE Ocean Boulevard that lacks pedestrian entry/exitway -- its marquee gives notice of a performance-to-come titled, 'I Never Sang for My Father'. Awhile ago the asphalt trail leading to the theatre and small neighborhood behind the Church of the Redeemer was posted with a 'Private Road' sign lest anyone attempt further the easy way in/out to/from the Ocean East Mall, over a small wooden bridge much less noisy and perilous than the major traffic-light roadway entrance/exits whereby pedestrians must walk along a concrete curb-lining. [It is the same type of sign that appeared at an FBI parking lot during the 1970s in Kenmore, NY, which is a Buffalo, NY, neighborhood]. Because a call-demand influence-network has been operating in the region, we can only hope that everyone who has never sung for their father will not be singled out and psychologically destroyed.

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