Thursday, October 15, 2009

we're all doing what?

The PC Desktop-terminal program-initiation screen (Microsoft Windows) asserts that we are "verifying DMI pool data" when we use Internet Service Provider programs. However, are we always verifying what DMI already knows when we enter our information contributions to the common computer-domain database?

What happens when something totally unusual enters the common databases aggregate may be the stuff of stock-market fluxuation and troop-movement meltdowns.

Plus, my images entered during previous post that show pink ribbons affixed to roadway sign and railing now appear to be muddled (analogous to airbrushing?) as if the 'pink ribbons' have been taken out of the pictures -- and easily so.

[10/17/2009 -- pink ribbons visible again in images, did I neglect to use the term 'vinyl'? Additional pink ribbon affixed to railing at entry/exitway to Crary Bridge, north walkway to/from Sewall's Point near Benihana Restaurant; together with pillow-puff inflated plastic grocery-bag padding access handle on protective standing-metal cabinet.]

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