Tuesday, October 13, 2009

pink ribbons in Stuart, FL, watershed

Post-hurricanes Stuart, FL, has become the setting now for an action by which pink plastic ribbons are affixed to signposts and other roadside fixtures presumably as signals to their cancer-stricken "friends" that some roadways are more amenable to their conditions than others.

However, that the various surgical cancer-patient conditions include cuttings and implants that remind or foster altogether wrong beliefs among vehicular traffic patterns that hurricane survivors are passing through can be construed as yet another trick to claim the hurricane-shocked region -- such cancer survivors were for the most part instead residing elsewhere during the consecutive major storms in Martin County, FL.
The images show a 'pink tie' intersection and 'pink tie' placements at an entry/exitway to the Evans Crary Sr. Bridge over the St. Lucie River, intersection of St. Lucie Boulevard with SE Ocean Boulevard/A1A.

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