Saturday, April 4, 2009

hearsay companies and their bellyflops

o Continuing somewhat from a previous entry, broken brown beer-bottle glass littered the bike lane in two places along the north side of U. S. 1 between Johnson Street and Monterey Road -- near a large Keller's tow-truck parked in an automotive-service parking lot, and near 'Connie's' store situated within a plaza. The same gaggle of now-aging bottles remain scattered at the corner of Palm Beach Road and 10th Street.

o A few days ago, a Palm Beach TV station reported an incident whereby a bobcat injured a young boy on his shoulder (talk about 'by the book'!) and was kicked off by the boy's mother -- then someone shot the bobcat. Flashing back to a short telephone exchange during which I referred to a different 18-year-old caller as a "young man", the 'by-the-book' nature of this incident might indicate a wildcat flipped past yet onto the boy as a reason to kill the creature. The cat might be missed, sometimes relaxing in foliage near KTR, there as a sort of fuzzy magnet near walkers to prevent falls into the retention pond and slough waters.

o Today's Palm Beach Post newspaper features the front-page headline, 'Massacre in New York'. Ostensibly, the second viewpoint is not an available read now for some of us, with somewhat suspicious timing of the cost increase.

o Today's Stuart News features the front-page story, 'Bills target Double-Dippers', "More than 100 state employees on Treasure Coast are collecting both salary, pension,,, . 2001, changes to state law allowed employees to "retire" for 30 days, then return to the same job and collect a salary and monthly pension. ..." Then two hurricanes swept in during 2004, but apparently more action is necessary.

o Even vehicles with Michigan license tag lack the front-bumper tag here in Martin County, FL -- those born in Michigan usually sticklers for any kind of action that will prevent damage to vehicles (including the kind associated with pedestrian death) and for the utmost legality of vehicle presentation and use.

o Finally, the boxes holding 'Little Debbie' Swiss Rolls now have a choice of two tabs to tuck into the slot when closing an opened box -- presumably so that the box can be reused perhaps with more expansive contents (e.g., as a purse).

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