Saturday, April 11, 2009

some kinda rampage

The preserve-type acreage nearby Kingswood condo complex is represented somehow by two names that closely match elder-student names associated with a past McKean County District Nine basketball championship in Pennsylvania (Bradford Area High School).

A dying palm tree has been cut log-style with some kind of instrument, in lieu of allowing it to simply collapse and send up fronds from the grounded leafy crown (as is the case with a nearby palm tree popped off its base within Kcc during the hurricane(s) and moved into the preserve acreage as the result from storm action). The brown and withering palm tree was sad enough a sight after Tropical Storm Fay soaked its chlorophyll away and a recent cold-weather front, but now has been most rudely cut near the base as if to be an exhibit.

Kingswood Terrace Road, on the south side of the complex, now features some squarish pieces of plate glass alongside that become very hot in the sun not far from the new drainage tube installation -- the aperture of the terminus tube is half-circled with a yellow flotation line that resembles yellow police tape.

Alongside the retention pond, a turn-off section from the sandy trail shows that a wooden beam once placed at the west side of the space has been moved to the east side near some aluminum/paper litter. The black tank-top continues to hang from some leafy bush-branches, while seabirds and shore birds give the area their complete attention.

On the asphalt at the entry-exit to Kcc from KTR today lay the bloody and collapsed body of the neighborhood black snake, which closely resembled the appearance of actual kingsnakes, very near a spot on the opposite roadway where a neighborhood green lizard had been found flattened with a tire tread mark days ago.

Near the Ocean Boulevard entrance/exit of Kcc, a large palm tree that had been weakened during the hurricanes had been propped straight with wooden boards; the tree now lays inclined at an angle propped by only one such board, following the cut-down of the preserve-acreage tree and the recent transplanting of many smaller palm trees within the immediate vicinity.

Different from the occasional sightings of shed lizard- and frogskins, these latest incidents more closely resemble the action on the sidewalk beside St. Lucie Boulevard, where various small creatures are sometimes dashed to death on the concrete by the action of vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists.

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