Thursday, April 23, 2009

it's whaaa...?

o Today I consulted to find gift ideas of the Louisiana seafood variety and was somewhat glad that the website was enabled to turn off my interest after a slew of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico regions. The website offers reasonably-priced stock such as crawfish and shrimp, but tempers the enthusiasm of potential customers with hefty shipping and handling fees. Thus, an ideal $19.99 gift idea totals over $80.00 to ship it so that health departments can't complain about deterioration during transport, while a $34.00 special offer costs well over $100.00 total.

And that's not all -- a potential customer must enter a 'ship to' address before any totals are presented in the screen, which means that 'someone' remains in the company's database whether the customer changes his/her mind or not about the purchase.

o Consulting menu/ads in the local Yellow Pages directory brought up the listing of the new Club 131 restaurant advertised as a "food lounge" (no doubt "tongue in cheek"). The place now occupies the premises formerly known as 'Arthur's Dockside' near both Stuart (FL) City Hall and the Stuart Heritage Museum, as well as near the Riverwalk docks and a park. The menu lists 'Live Maine Lobster Bisque' in both the 'Appetizers' and 'Soups' sections.

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