Sunday, April 12, 2009

east-coast wash-out (continued)

o Two (live) Golden Retriever dogs were observed to be sitting in the rear section of a small pickup truck parked in Kingswood condo complex a few days ago, following a series of 2008 Stuart News articles recently discarded in recycling bin. Since I did not see if the dogs had been traveling in the back of the moving truck, an illegal action, the joke remains on me (a former straight-A student).

o How many children/people have had their hair pulled after a reading of 'An Elizabethan Home' by Claudius Hollyband, as a "by-the-book" experience and reaction to the introduction of milk products as a home staple in literature?

o Remember 'Black Fury' comic books -- the ones that may have generated impetus to break the ankles of a black filly 'Eight Belles' (the comic book was published using non-voluntary elicited words and phrases, as well, and racehorses are named the same way)?

o A perusal of literature received from mail-order home-study companies reveals that 'psychology' has been given a place among coursework listings, as if the studies of thought-logic and -processes are a matter of mere formwork.

o I'm always 'almost hit' by vehicles at least once when entering or leaving Kcc; large roadway arrows are featured at the entry/exit to/from SE Ocean Boulevard, and the senior/AARP crowd enjoys exhiliarating freedom (from a population pool of Hilliard surnames) of the type that might cause sudden death for uninformed pedestrians lacking designated walkways. The afore-mentioned entryway has the atmosphere of simply yet another freeway on/off connection.

o Today is Easter Sunday. Two more brown glass beer-bottles were found broken along the west side of St. Lucie Boulevard, one quite specifically shattered at a driveway entry/exitway to/from the Boulevard. Two intact brown bottles were found on property-zone turf -- one another aging Icehouse and the other brown plastic.

o Recent action includes the sudden rush of young anglers toward retention pond and river-pocket slough when fish react to berries, grapefruit rinds or decaying small fruit tossed into the water for the various denizens of shallow waters. There is reason to worry that maidens might be flipped into the water, and if so, would be ajudged to be a cultural action of naturalized Mexicans within their indigenous latitude.

Whether angling to catch fish or perhaps with the thought to hook submerged skeletons, the action near growing 'Haitian' mango trees appears to be a sort of 'impulse shopping' along shores and from boats, about which the historically-ditched may take offense. Young bike riders appear on sidewalks near piles of vegetation cleared from private properties, some containing coconuts and small mangoes, as if the next week's work and its roadside bounty will be stolen from them.

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