Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the more boats you make, the more water there will be

o How do you want your trash mashed, and where? The 11/9/2008 issue of Stuart News gives the article, 'Name on Ship Stirs Controversy' from Amsterdam, Netherlands, "...contemporary Swiss-based Allseas Group SA...owner claims...new ship...will be world's largest...Edwin Heerena...wants to name it the 'Pieter Schelte' after his late father...who was renowned as a maritime engineer but was condemned for his service in the...Nazi Waffen SS. ..." Really shouldn't name the device 'the Tookie' or 'the Gipper' either.

After decades of struggle, the devices should already exist without sacrificing automotive front-bumper license plates, and quite possibly should also have interchangeable mash-faces as well to make different mashed-trash designs.

o The recent rash of tagged 'pirate' encounters off the African coast of Somalia can be linked with a different sort of piracy which seems to be stubbornly irradicable as a use of the "freedom of the press" ethic to, paradoxically, mentally enslave performers.

The 11/23/2008 issue of the Stuart News describes "MTV Africa Music Awards in Nigeria', "...in Abuja, Nigeria, two Nigerian singers won top awards...MTV...first-ever music award program for Africa." People born within the boundaries of U. S. Armed Forces bases in foreign countries are considered to be natives of those countries; we cannot know for sure whether our own military personnel are busy broadcasting/performing pirated music overseas for their own amusement (i. e., music originating from the U. S. seized and copied illegally in U. S. factories, then transported overseas).

There is a reason why B. J. Thomas and Ravi Shankar sound alike -- the music has the same source here in the good ol' U. S. A.

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