Sunday, April 19, 2009

a dime fur nothin'

Today is Sunday, a clear sunny day in Stuart, FL. A walk around the complex revealed one live and mourning bunny; a new door installed on the chapel-become-shed (see 'baby-over-a-bucket' line-drawing above); two young men fishing at the retention pond near the Keller Towing sign at the end of KTR; some kind of get-together at the far swimming pool from SE Ocean Boulevard, with recorded music during the return stroll; and more young cacti sprouting beside the barrier at the end of KTR. During a swing past Kingswood condo complex walking on the sidewalk, SE Ocean Boulevard, one healthy but dead young squirrel lay in the bike lane, with some kind of internal injuries -- and with large dinner-minded populations both mobile and not making it a potential head-butting situation.

Kudos again for the businesses within Monterey Commons -- a walkway now extends from the sidewalk into that office-building domain. However, some kind of above-ground water-pipe seal is dripping on the berm near KTR where it intersects with Monterey Road, but that is not thought to be an altogether wrong circumstance.

Sunday noise from motorcycles passing through the northeast Stuart 55+ condo complexes remains high-decibal, with possible intent to cause deaths such as the young squirrel's and maybe din out some residents, too -- a version of the 'Sunday Drive' that our great-grandparents couldn't imagine.

I, as usual, was nearly hit more than once walking within the complex and "feeding frenzy" might be the appropriate label for the automotive behavior. Many reached for the dead squirrel but could not make the stop.

The fish behaved the same way as when I usually walk near the pond/slough -- they swim over to look at me, some jumping into the air to get a quick look.

Thinking back to the trash-filled lot at the intersection at Dixie Highway, Park Avenue, and Florida Street, that Taylor's Store on 10th Street did not have trashbags/boxes in stock to hand out to contain the piled discards should not in any case mean a bullet for a teen Taylor elsewhere.

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