Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the hike becomes more familiar

o I have scored a descriptive Hiroshima account in paperback form from the Blake Library's bargain shelves, titled 'The Day Man Lost' (about 1945) ($ .50).

o A car with a faded paint job lettered with the words "Got tuna?" was observed rolling along on SE Ocean Boulevard.

o The black snake has reappeared on KTR, with cause of so much blood lost seen to be a latch-like split in its belly, as if the creature was burst and with the deceptive appearance of a single claw scratch. Previously placed in cool bushes, it lay in the center of the asphalt road as if being cooked for an entirely different purpose than live pest control within regional scrub brush. Lacking shady foliage outside a fenced zone, the rubbery body could only again be taken up and laid in a nearby patch of yellowed grass near the retention pond's chain-link fenced section.

o The footbridge leading from Monetery Road to 10th Street becomes more weakened with each passing, justifying its 'Cross at your Own Risk' sign posted.

o Small mangos about the size of an orange are dropping from trees throughout the locale, growing nearby waterstream/ponds. A few of the bruised/browned ones are easily gathered in hand to distribute within different lots as a passerby (i.e., without argument), and perhaps one to take and grow in a pot within Kingswood condo complex, after tossing grapefruit rinds to the ducks in Hospital Park.

o Young students were leaving a school on 10th Street at the corner where glass bottles have accumulated, which was an opportune time to gather them up to carry to the trash can in Hospital Park on Palm Beach Road. A household knife was also seen to be lying in the sand near the bottles, perhaps the steak knife which a student carried into a local school, creating some alarm and reason to print a newspaper article.

o The United States Post Office on Johnson Street is located beside a pond/sinkhole that flows into previously-described canal. There is also an Ace Hardware at the intersection with Florida Street, such that any competition for space in the area (including violent altercation) has a cerebral-tradesperson atmosphere here in Martin County, FL, same as elsewhere in the United States (such as San Francisco, CA).

o A thunderstorm soaked cactus pads placed at the terminus of KTR enough so that two pairs of small 'rabbit-ear' cacti have sprouted from the sandy soil at the road's-end barrier.

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