Thursday, April 16, 2009

the business of kinship with Pocahontas

o Years ago, as a tenant in San Francisco, CA, attempts were made to report the focus of incoming northeastern populations upon a 'special' historical palm tree located in Golden Gate Park -- such focus engendered by the mental transmission of the palm-tree 'speck' of a baby palm-tree grown into an adult.

Efforts were made to arrange interface with archaeologists so as to date that mental-image and others during what should have been meetings and conferences scheduled to ultimately report the discovery of a tiny mucousal oracle-bead chronicle artifact located in northwestern PA, that contained the focal historical image and more. Instead, a matchmaking service was set up ('Kelleher' then others) which years later was used as impetus to demand inception of the 'Keller School of Business' within that northern California domain.

What followed is indeed a new chapter in the history of crimes and their causes because a Keller male is suspected/alleged to have killed a female acquaintence here in the state of FL where many Kellers (and Killer surname) reside. 'Keller' signs are disappearing in the northeast Stuart, FL, area (e. g., tow-truck sign on KTR and realty sign at corner of Monterey Road and SE Ocean Boulevard).

o The Church of Scientology had an 'open house' to show its reading room, scheduled both today and tomorrow (Friday). It is quite a small library, but has everything future Christian Scientists might need to learn the basics of the faith.

o Today's hike continued with a brief rest in downtown Stuart Memorial Park, followed with a walk along the Riverwalk docks near the Roosevelt Bridge. One intact brown beer bottle was seen at an address near the Stuart Heritage Museum, and a few such bottles were also shattered at the shoreline behind Club 131 located beside Stuart City Hall. Another intact bbb was observed near the corner of Colorado and Osceola Streets; a broken bbb seen near the Gross Heart Association building and an intact bbb beside Krueger Creek and the 'big house' on SE Ocean Boulevard; plus one brown Asahi bottle under a tree near Peacock's restaurant and a broken bbb on the asphalt a short distance from Top Drawer store in Cedar Pointe Plaza.

Yellow blossoms from two similar sidewalk trees were tossed into Krueger Creek from the bridge, both going and returning from Historic Downtown Stuart, together with some tiny red berries during the return hike. A plastic-bottle discard was converted to yet another cap for the PVC 'stake' in front of the small plaza where the Treasure Coast Hospice has its Thrift Shop. A return visit to the St. Mary's Cracker Barrel Thrift Shop was made, too.

Some young people were fishing on the shoreline Riverwalk docks, but not on the ones that extend directly into the St. Lucie River (those are posted 'Fishing Prohibited'). One small 'ball of fluff'' bird-remains were removed from SE Ocean Boulevard in front of Dunkin Donuts; one 'ball of fur' pelt-remains were removed from a sidewalk in downtown Stuart -- both placed in nearby grass.

o Also, a length of new yellow-clad wire was affixed to a utility pole with a significant amount of slack (and ensnarement possibilities) looping out over the sidewalk near the base of the pole, on SE Ocean Boulevard.

And hurray for all the benches to sit and rest.

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