Tuesday, April 26, 2011

warm at last!

o  Walked to BAPL through Callahan Park via Poplin Avenue (work suspended amid raindrops, that fell sporadically throughout the day) and W Washington Street.  Took more notes from Bradford Era (e.g., issue dated 4/26/2011, p. 4, 'Another Era', "...100 years ago, A. W. Eygabroat of Bradford caught a trout near Cornplanter on the Reservation that measured over 18 inches and weighed three pounds, and nothing like it in the matter of size has been caught in these parts."  Also took notes from La Musique et La Ballet, e.g. "...Bizet et George Balanchine dans Le Palais de Cristal s'exaltent et se magnifient et choreographe et musicienne trouvent sur le meme plan de grandeur.  ..."  [Even one discrete mucousal-artifact oracle-bead image mentally circulated  --  say, an ancient palace memory-image  --  has a definite multi-species linkage effect.]

o  Walked to Barbour at Mechanic Streets from BAPL to move on foot toward McDowell Tuna Valley Trail  --  a roundabout not a direct route (because - if my eyes didn't deceive me - a young man appeared to be holding/carrying a bundle  in one arm while cycling on a so-called 'banana bike', moving in a westward direction alongside W Washington Street); rusting metal 'hook' on sidewalk at Barbour St bridge (removed to railing area).

McDowell TVT begins at Onofrio Street and Campus Drive between waterstream  and UPB campus, extending to/from Bradford Township PA environs.  Temperatures were in the 80-degrees F range, which meant a lot of children and caretakers out and about.

Walked the McDowell TVT to Clarks Lane among other spring-loving runners/walkers.  West branch Tun'a Creek waterstream is tamed with wooden pole reinforcements resembling electrical-line poles.  Gathering of wasps at their burrows (above) near a small water-conduit  --  one of many other small waterflows into main waterstream  --  near campus/dorm basketball hoops.  Each TVT bridge constructed over brooks, rivulets and vernal depressions has a donor name, as do small polished-stone benches.

o  Moved from Clarks Lane to nearby W Corydon Street intersection, then walked the northside roadway berm to Bushnell Street near Zippo Manufacturing premises.  What appeared to be a riding-lawnmower (an ATV) seen overturned on embankment below W Corydon Street roadway, between Clark and Dorothy Lanes.  

Roadside trash was sparse, consisting mostly of plastic bottles; picked up a load of glass bottles, those mostly brown-beer containers in addition to one wine bottle (flashback to San Francisco CA, where discarding wine bottles was someone's habit), some Snapples (R), a Lipton (R) and numerous shards  --  all carried to Pleasant Street home trash receptacle in backpack and grocery bag.  ['Calls Received' in Tracfone dates this as 3/19/01, with 'Private Call' received 3:03 pm while I was standing near guard trails at steep, direct drop from W Corydon St to w branch Tun'a Creek waterstream while workers on other side of hillside street  repaired a house.  All the RC entries show '01' and '00' year dates.]

No burlap bag was seen again.  Made some roadside photos (above), including exposures at an obvious dumping area where things such a broken park-bench and some water-heaters were lying around on the ground (metal baseball-bat lying on said water-heaters).  Found two mystery CDs (blank).  Hazardous drainage grate northside W Corydon St remains a watch-your-step avoidance situation.  Shoes seen near UPB sign may be an intentional drop; sidewalk deterioration shown along south slope W Corydon Street near Bushnell Street.

o  Small and warbling bird from CA is here now.  Applied Carmex (R) twice during overall hike; lost no teeth.

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