Saturday, April 16, 2011

oh that

o  Dead and criminal people all over the place nearby a garage sheltering an old Producers Bank canvas bag?  The bag, in the same category as a bankbook in terms of accountholder use, now has holes in its moisture-laden fiberwork; as something that might be grabbed from this private property and removed elsewhere, ironically constant 'report' activity and social-pressure may be a contributing factor to the death and incarceration rate within this hospital-zone west Bradford area already plagued with suspected arson rate.  In the minds of some, an individual (perhaps a child!) 'sent in' to grab that bag might also be directed with crushing force toward the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site in Degolia PA a few miles south from these Bradford PA city environs ('practice').  The bag has been reported to local police as a continuous focus of some addressed very nearby (including 'plants' and known recruitment/attack-callers) while others die or transgress all around, and will be returned to the bank sometime soon.

o  More the rage  --  one-cent Blackberrys (R) distributed through the U. S. Postal Service as an AT&T 'special offer' cannot function as expected during ISP network outages and interference or, perhaps, during orchestrated objection (i.e., a deliberate entrapment effort) to "one sent" business-scheme corruption permitted to happen that distributes the other-wise costly devices so cheaply.  Why should AT&T 'reward' its customers with penny-charge 'phones, claimed to be 'marketplace demand'?  --  one rationale being because the same aggressive influence-networking demands can also jack-up cellphone service charges and initiate/shut-down 'phone service-orgs altogether.

Wells Fargo Bank has suddenly increased its $5.00 basic-checking service charge to $7.00 without much  advance notice (e.g., no Internet website notice).

Many such changes occur as demonstration of the power of business-domain communities to suddenly affect accountholders; i.e., any change accrues influence to the change-makers (right or wrong), including the possibility/success of intentionally-directed negative consequences.

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