Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Brrr, snow flurries and slush return

o  Steps leading to/from 'heinous house' addressed Pleasant Street are breaking (and nearly straight-angled upslope from sidewalk).  Didn't dare to take large plastic peanut-butter container from Pleasant Street sidewalk, inner surface yet coated with its contents, and throw it in the creek for the aquatic wildlife but did place it and a drug-bottle in a plastic bag outside trash-strewn residence at Jackson Ave and Summer/Pleasant Streets intersection.
o  Below:  Striped 'caution' sign down in the snow beside Tun'a Creek at the Kennedy St bridge.

o  Small 'no trespassing, private parking' lot sign sprayed with gray paint alongside Boylston Street, below much larger 'PARKING' lettered sign.  Banana peels again seen in E Washington St bridge area, in street beside pedestrian crosswalk.  Capless, broken and sharp-edged small sidewalk pipes encountered south side W Washington Street and west side N Center Street.

o  Book still there at BAPL  --  took more notes from La Musique et le Ballet.  Word danse found throughout can be equated with term 'discrete' "...dans le sujet qui nous occupe...le sujet etait presque toujours mythologique ou historique....le maitre transmettait ces danses a ses disciples... dans...ouvrages, catalogue, decrit et decompose les danses antique...."(pp. 15-16).

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