Saturday, April 23, 2011

effects of oracle-bead memory-images person-to-person trace

Above comment entered at Allegany NY forum this date.  Person-to-person call-demand strategy/efforts to trace mentally-circulating oracle-bead historical content-imagery has been debilitating within all populations where operational, and has included possibility of sudden mucousal-artifact destruction rather than formal archaeological survey.

o  Yesterday: wet and rainy walk through Hanley Park, where a number of objects were seen in Tun'a Creek waterstream near Davis Street such as heavy-metal grill/barrier returned to water (slightly rusted), large cable-wire spool and black-and-yellow 'caution' bar-type sign in waterflow as well.  Net-like fencing supplementing metal streamside railing also pulled/bent back in some places.  Large heavy-duty dumpster-box sitting alongside Hull Electric Company on path extending from Kennedy Street into the park.

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