Saturday, April 2, 2011

pack and pics, cool and sunny, some snow yet lying

Brick sidewalk east side Pearl Street between Pleasant and School Streets disarrayed, pothole-like depression.  Large metal dumpster behind Bradford Era offices extended onto sidewalk, one hinge protruding nearly at eye level.  Lengthy cigarette drop Boylston Street;  empty beer bottle in grass near sidewalk extending beside Old City Hall to back parking lot area.

While walking northward alongside East Main Street, small amount of paper sewage seen lying around small sidewalk pipe near Eagles Club; street asphalt also cracking alongside curb and across roadway.  Brown beer bottle lying in lawn, Asbury Methodist Church addressed E Main St near Kendall Ave.  Leaning wooden electrical-line pole, E Main St near Tasta Pizza; brown beer-bottle in lawn near Valu Home Center premises, near 'St. Francis Drive' sign standing in grass.  Athletic shorts in middle E Main St near Beacon Light Behavioral Center; athletic shoe in grass near State Farm Insurance office; dangling wire from electrical-pole, extended into street near Woodlawn Avenue.

Moving along on foot into Foster Brook area, dead skunk alongside SmithWorth Company alongside E Main St at Bolivar Drive intersection; dead duck in roadway beside curb, bridge over waterstream flowing beside mini-mall across the road.  Broken brown beer-bottle in grass alongside roadway extending to WalMart; intact empty beer-bottle on berm, again beside WorthSmith not far from recently-dead skunk.  Covered, otherwise open hole between E Main St and car dealership.

A bare, pinkish bicycle-frame is again seen in the waters below the Mill Street bridge over Tun'a Creek, near ARG premises.  Graffiti remains as placed on traffic-overpass column alongside Mill St at Williams Street.

Nice walk, but some empty pill bottles lying in various locations.

Yesterday:  Bud Light (R) bottle between Dollar General and Hotel Holley, Davis Street; broken street-sign removed from Kennedy Street bridge area (lying in grass).  Antique store addressed Main Street (mid-block), moved from former corner Main at Congress Streets location, features the head-and extended-neck  of a young, black-haired wild boar mounted on a wood plaque, tuskless.

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