Wednesday, April 27, 2011

scientific americans

The May 2011 issue of Scientific American received is chock-full of allusions to the mucousal-artifact oracular influence, from its placement beneath limestone roadside-rest/monument 'safe cover' within northwestern PA mountain range.

Page Nine is a full-page blurb for BioTechCorp SA that touts plant-growing [i.e. sitting around and just breathing is okay]; the "National Biotechnology Policy (NBP) established in 2005...long-term (15-year) strategy to develop and profile Malaysia as a global biotech hub..."; "A core element in NBP is the BioNexus Bill of Guarantee.  Qualified investors are assured of freedom of ownership, freedom to source funds globally, and the freedom to bring in workers with the appropriate skill sets.  The bill also guarantees strong intellectual property regime, access to shared laboratories, and BiotechCorp as a one-stop agency.  BioNexus companies also receive attractive tax incentives..."; and "With the infrastructure in place, support from Government and participation of global players, biotechnology is a brewing business in Malaysia."  All such statements have used my replies describing northwest PA oracle-bead site demanded from me then pooled, and no formal archaeological survey/investigation plan has yet been initiated using those replies.  Elsewhere throughout the magazine issue, ad/notices such as Bright Horizons and Creating Climate Wealth also use my replies demanded from me with regard to mucousal-artifact site, in business-scheme formats.

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