Sunday, April 17, 2011

real explosions or...

o  About an hour ago, an explosion-like sound nearby  --  is that maybe a large truck bashing into things?

o  This morning:
Discrete memory-images thought to be 'spilling' and mentally-circulating from specific families (they're losing their minds, OK because believed to be foreign) following Kinzua Dam construction as a breach of regional Seneca tribal treaty, are in reality circulating from a viewing of a rare and tiny mucousal-artifact found in Degolia PA.

Last night:
See 'Sci/Tech' section, entry titled 'Gobsmacked by a Christian Scientist'.  Words, phrases and sentences such as that title are routinely intimidated/frightened from other people as the action of telephone call-demand strategists, who then pool such 'replies' demanded for others to use in their writing.  My comment above was again rejected, as previewed above.

A mucousal-artifact found in Degolia PA appears to be some kind of g/lob affected as a result from its placement or cover beneath limestone roadside-rest/monument structure; its content-imagery attracts small fauna to the area also believed to be a funerary site.  Because one of the content-images is viewable at very close range on the surface of the tiny waxy/gel bead (all others coiled in a strand inside the oracle-bead) that is scannable from certain perspectives, that other species are depositing historical detritus on some kind of organic gob can be surmised to be a 'Christian Scientist' no-kill perspective.

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