Friday, April 15, 2011

sunny and cool (soon no school)

o  Went to BAPL, where yesterday's Bradford Era newspaper included a supplement advertising Sears products, that showed "...Craftsman (R) 12-inch large mouth tool bag..."

The BE dated 4/13/2011 describes 'Porcupine Season Approved' (p 14) datelined Harrisburg, "The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners, based on a request by Game Commissioner David Putnam at the Board's October meeting and an amendment offered Tuesday...gave final approval to a specific hunting season for porcupines...from September 1 through March 31, the daily limit is six and the field possession limit is 12...". Possibly, this is an attempt to blame active porcupines way later/earlier than summertime for drowning deaths in the Kinzua Reservoir  --  see, e.g.,  'Skeletal remains found along allegany resevoir' at Allegany, NY forum discussions.

o  Line-drawing 'baby-over-a-bucket' containers set on sidewalk outside Corner Bar renovation area at Mechanic and E Washington Streets.  Damaged eaves-trough extended on ground in front of Veterans organization building addressed Barbour Street near S Center Street.  Lengthy cigarette drops, one in front of home addressed Barbour Street and others alongside a small rusted drainage grate south side West Washington Street across from vacated shopping plaza area.  Poplin Avenue road renovation work continues.

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