Saturday, April 9, 2011

other smack-downs, recent

o  Just days after searching to more precisely find Homestead Avenue here in Bradford PA city environs, the Palm Beach Post (FL) newspaper has presented an entry titled, '7-year-old shields younger boys from attacking dog' datelined Homestead, FL, April 8 2011.

o  Among reality companies using titles that were words/phrases elicited during telephone call-demand activity operational in various United States locales, a sign giving notice to 'Rocking Horse Reality' sits in a nearby yard.  Use of such words and phrases demanded and garnered from specific individuals through the telephone can be linked with certain kinds of prostitution as a result from confusion, disagreement and logic/source trace-efforts.

o  It's around 3:30 p. m. here at Pleasant Street home addressed between N Bennett and N Center Streets, south side, and a green corrugated fiberglass panel has loosened and is loudly and intermittantly banging to and from its original placement as part of a neighboring fence.

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