Tuesday, June 22, 2010

yesterday-evening hike - part deux

Another small dead snake, slain, in the middle of Winter Street not far from former hospital-zone snake-rock disappearance (known to be decades-long small rock embedded at Abbott Road corner that has sheltered small snakes near the former Bradford Hospital now BRMC).

Unusual hefty and ridged rock slab remains upslope from oil-history dirt road, while little green apples seem more scarce along downslope dirt road/trail.  (The rock slab resembles a number of other things such as a large vase, and/or uterus/cervix/womb.  See www.blogcritics.org entries titled 'Unnecessary PAP Smears' and 'Sex after a Hysterectomy'.)

Backside window yet broken in garage behind UPB President's house, now in Springtime continued from Wintertime 2010 here in Bradford PA.

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