Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Clark Air Base

Clark Air Base
...or, Building a Better Anthill -- Buffalo moves South.

When Kinzua Dam was built here in McKean County, PA, at the NY/PA state line in violation of an international TRIBAL treaty (i.e. to guarantee less work not more in the region) the vast amount of water flooding the Kinzua River Valley meant more concerns about unnatural petroleum deposits that might mean increased volcano hazard.

There is a Clark Lane here in the Bradford Township area, under 10 miles from the mucousal oracle-bead artifact in its placement beneath a limestone roadside-rest/monument, from whence a search to find 'special' palm trees has traveled the globe.  As explained to the Archaeological Institute of America, one way to remove the oracle-bead artifact from its placement between limestone-structure base and ground is sometimes thought to be 'air force'.

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