Friday, June 11, 2010

today's tilts

o  Curbside drainage grate on Mechanic Street nearby Grace Lutheran Church in Bradford PA, and hole in asphalt roadway.

o  East entrance to city-environs parklands.

o  Hospital-area snake-stone at corner 'Abbott Road'  and North Bennett Street addresses no longer visible at that location where sidewalk has been newly extended.  The snake-stone was visible as the size of a salad plate, remaining in one place just uphill from the Bradford Hospital at least 45 years if not more.  Other snake-stones upslope from the hospital parking lot, way in the past (my childhood), would shelter various varieties of snakes ranging from singles to mothers with a dozen or more baby snakes, all gazing with a full view of hospital happenings through facility windows until those stones (all flat) were removed to a further location.  The new sidewalk is totally new, the first ever at that corner.

The hospital premises was expanded first, the former Bradford Hospital becoming 'Bradford Regional Medical Center' with helicopter access.

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