Friday, June 4, 2010


This roadway bridge is shown extended over the Minard Run waterstream in Degolia PA, very nearby the cemetery installation that has surrounded the artifact oracle-bead archaeological site, and shows a sizeable amount of graffiti inscribed along its streamside concrete-support structure.

Flashback to San Francisco, CA, where copious amounts of graffiti were inscribed along industrial-waterfront concrete-wall installations at Warm Water Cove Park at the southern city harbor shoreline after a local girl disappeared somewhere in that San Francisco Bay area.  Remains of a small dock and watercraft foundered in the water, popular with local aquatic mammals, were removed and the entire area cleared of excess withered foliage and discards at the park (which had been approved as a result from some kind of vote process or demand action).

Although not a fake cemetery, the Degolia cemetery installation apparently was intended to 'set the stage' to ultimately put a fence around the oracle-bead site, whereas as a roadside-rest placement only no fencing could be justified.

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