Wednesday, June 2, 2010

post-winter sights, city of Bradford PA

Multi-legged tent-caterpillar look creature also features dual tail-filaments and antennae, live capture and release in plastic jar.

Other view of leaning electric-line pole and slumping wall, home corner of Mechanic Street and Jackson Avenue in Bradford (where Jackson Avenue and School Street overlap).

Another foliage-roof house, addressed Kennedy Street near YMCA and local funeral home.

View returning to City of Bradford PA from South Bradford (Bradford Township) and Degolia PA along South Avenue.

Two AA batteries previously seen on grass at Dollar General store (5/28/2010) now gone.  New crosswalk safety measures are a welcome sight in downtown Bradford and elsewhere in the city.  Local Army personnel attired in camouflage fatigues sighted in the 'Union Square' shopping center at local recruitment office.

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